Featured artists and collaborators include Bella Howard, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Collective, Fikayo Adebajo, Gut Feeling, Julia Dèng Hànzú, Katarzyna Perlak, Lu Williams (Grrrl Zine), Raisa Kabir and Tilda Scarlett.

Bella Howard

Bella May Howard is a London-based artist and Central Saint Martins graduate whose practice revolves around the written word, exploring its performative and intimate nature. The artist’s practice spans various mediums, including film, photography, and sound.

Through this artistic process, Bella May Howard's work echoes the intimacy of writing itself, forming a complete circuit of viewing. Her aim is to evoke a sense of closeness, inviting the audience to participate in the shared exploration of intimacy and offering an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries of storytelling.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is an art collective formed in 2019 by Katerina Mimikou, Inés Cardó, Sophie Dickson and Jessie Evans, which runs workshops promoting playful or even mundane creative acts for wellbeing.

Fikayo Adebajo

Fikayo Adebajo is an artist, sociologist and magical realist whose work is realised through photography, set design, installation, and public programming. She considers photographed sitters co-creators of new realities. Together, they forge new visual languages that ask us to cultivate an Otherwise Gaze - a gaze beginning from intimate, interior and interpersonal points of connection branching forward in multiple directions. In this way, she presents a methodology for finding joy in seeing and being seen, in moving slowly, in sharing space, and in simply being beyond the burden of representation. 

GUT FEELING is a writing feedback group that started in August 2022. Since its inception, the group has met fortnightly on weekday evenings around London. Co-facilitated by Ella Monnerat and Bella Aleksandrova, the group follows a peer-led approach. Outside of the core feedback sessions, GUT FEELING runs zine-making workshops.

Julia Dèng Hànzú

Julia Dèng Hànzú, proudly graduated from MA Design: Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London, is a multi-media artist/experimental musician who hates to be strictly defined. Born in Chongqing, China, she has had exhibitions and performances across continents in London, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hainan, Berlin, Huddersfield etc.

She draws inspiration from different disciplines, personal experiences, both western and eastern cultures. The influence of past traditional Chinese music training can also be seen in many of her practices. Her works, often adopting an explorative or border-eliminating attitude, include but are not limited to the form of performances, installations, music/sound pieces, moving/still images and texts, while "nature" and "emotion" are recurring themes.

Katarzyna Perlak

Katarzyna Perlak is a Polish born artist, based in London whose practice employs video, performance, textiles, sculpture and installation. Perlak’s work examines potentiality of affect as a tool for registering and archiving both present continuous and past historical moments.

Through her work Perlak employs a notion of ‘tender crafts’, exploring how crafts (heritage and traditions) can be revisited and re-imagined from contemporary feminist, queer and diasporic (migrant) perspectives.

Lu Williams (Grrrl Zine)

Lu Williams (b.1993, Essex) is an artist producing sculpture, print, zines, drawing, writing, video, events and workshops through research, community engagement, collecting and collaboration. They make work around the themes of place and memory; community and collaboration; collecting; class and upbringing; accessibility; and platforming and uplifting marginalised voices- through the lens of queerness, neurodivergence and working classness. In 2015 they created Grrl Zine Fair, a place for self-publishing and DIY art, music and culture surrounding feminist publishing. In 2017 the Grrrl Zine Library was born and hosted 600+ queer feminist zines, housed at The Old Waterworks

Raisa Kabir 

Raisa Kabir is an interdisciplinary artist and weaver based in London. Kabir utilises woven text/textiles, sound, video and performance to address cultural anxieties surrounding nationhood, textile identities and the cultivation of borders. Her (un)weaving performances uses queer entanglement to comment on power, production, disability and the racialised body as a living archive of collective trauma.  Her practice looks at geographies of labour in globalised neo-colonial textile production, incorporating the weaving processes of gesture, repetition, tension and production, and the relationship between craft and industrial production.

Tilda Scarlett

Tilda Scarlett is a textile artist based in london. They enjoy engaging with the time-consuming and repetitive nature of craft processes in their work - such as weaving or hand-sewing - which provide a space for a rhythmic and meditative experience. Weaving room, 2022, developed from a period of focusing on creating connections through weaving; starting by wrapping thread around the space between two parallel objects — mending, healing, connecting in the process.

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