This website is a learning aid and archive for the art exhibition It All Starts With a Thread, displayed at The Whitechapel Gallery, 18 August - 31 December 2023.

It all starts with a thread.

Threads intertwine our lives - they bring us closer together, narrow the spaces in between and weave the world. A thread is a connecting force leading from one thing to another or the material from which something is yet to be made. It allows us to reconfigure our relationships with one another and the time and space we inhabit.

Thread beckons us to engage our senses, whether it is the rhythmic tapping of knitting needles or the soft touch of yarn on our skin. Weaving these embodied experiences together we begin to explore the depths of connection and the significance of physical interaction. Each tactile encounter transforms the humble thread into something greater than itself, stretching, knotting and leading us into a shared future.

How can we breathe life into the space and truly feel it? We have woven this project collaboratively, building a cocoon where a collective metamorphosis can take place. We invite you to join us - to slow down, feel, and reflect.

Installation shot for ‘It All Starts With a Thread’, Photograph: Jane Ross

RH - Companion 4

Florian Carl & Jenni Laiti

About the Curators

The show is curated by the 2022-2023 cohort of the Whitechapel and LSBU MA Curating Art and Public Programmes.

Caroline Ip, Dearbhla Hanney, Erin Saunders, Eva Williams, Jane Ross, Melika Rafiei, Nastia Svarevska, Nicola Cosford, Rebecca Russell and Yulia.i.

Made on mmm